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Modeling Digitals/Polaroids


Modeling Digitals/Polaroids

Modeling digitals, or polaroids, represent unedited images that highlight your natural face and body without any makeup, styling, or filters. Essentially, these images provide agencies and clients with a raw portrayal of your authentic appearance. Think of them as your "mug shots" - simple and unembellished.

When to Use Digitals

Beyond the initial submission, agencies typically request fresh digitals every few months to keep tabs on any changes, such as alterations in hair color or length, weight fluctuations, or facial features. This allows them to monitor your evolving look for potential bookings.


Tips for Capturing Digitals

When taking digitals, simplicity is key. Remember to maintain a natural or lightly styled hairdo, minimal makeup, and natural nail colors. Follow the guidelines provided by the agency for outfit choices. Also, never share lingerie, partially nude, or fully nude images - these requests are red flags.

Capture specific angles as requested by the agency, including headshots with and without a smile, a full profile shot, a 3/4 headshot, and a full-body shot, both smiling and non-smiling, while ensuring your hair doesn't obscure your face.

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